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Licensed Private Investigator in Columbia, MO

There are many ways that a Columbia, MO, private investigator can help you. RMRI, Inc. is highly experienced and uses discretion when carrying out any investigation. We can help to solve a case for you with an array of services. From computer and data forensics to criminal investigations, we’ll get to the bottom of an issue for you. We offer the following services:

Instead of questioning a person and raising suspicion, we can investigate a person or situation on your behalf. When you call us, we can help by investigating a person’s past and what they currently do.

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Once you work with a Columbia, MO, private investigator, you can know the truth once and for all. RMRI, Inc. quickly responds to help you learn about a situation, and we’re dedicated to client satisfaction. Call us Monday – Friday. For your convenience, we can even make an appointment to meet with you on the weekend.


iMac Forensic Exam

This is a photo of the starting stage of a Forensic Exam on an iMac. iMac's are not designed to allow easy access to the hard drive.